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Clothes suitable cheap michael kors bags for young women Hi, fashionistas, it's shay robinson again, here with some wonderful fashion tips for those young girls that are trying to dress hip, cute.But you still want to make sure that you're covered, in most cases, and that you're looking fabulous.So, in other words, you're able to do whatever it is that you're trying to do.Whether it be, go to work, or go to class, or even go to church, and still look fashionable, but still look age appropriate.I have three wonderful ideas that are sure to please everyone's taste.So, let's take a look.This first look that i have here is something that, you'll probably think, well, that looks a little bit old for me.But there is some young twist to the actual look.First of all, it is a wonderful a line skirt, which most of us, fashionistas have in our closet, young and old.If you don't have an actual pencil skirt in your closet, please make sure that you get one.And it goes by both names, a line or pencil skirt.So, this is a basic black one that you can find in any of your local retail department stores.I paired with a wonderful cotton tank, cotton works good in any weather.So, it's a really good investment piece as well, only was about six bucks.And i paired it with this really cool, trendy motorcycle cut jacket that i got from banana republic.I'ts a fabulous chambray purple, so it kind of looks different depending on exactly where it is, that you're at wit the lights.So, it's a fabulous piece, notice that it is actually a one sided zipper, but it has double buttons on both sides.And notice, the wonderful pockets that are actually fully functional.Because how many times you see these really cool jackets, but the pockets actually don't exist, they just look like pockets.Well, in this case, you actually have fully functioning pockets.You maybe like, well, you know what, love the jacket, love the top, but not big on the skirt.Want to be on trend like everyone else?And everyone else is right now rocking what's considered skinny jeans.So, don't worry, i got you covered again.The pair that i actually have here, these are black ones, skinny jeans can literally be rocked with just about anything from flats, to wonderful, really nice boots like the ones that i have here.These boots are actually knee length boots, they're fabulous, they are by guess.I highly recommend, if you don't do flats, put them together with a pair of boots, perhaps a pair like this, these are fabulous.And actually place them with this wonderful jacket or something similar to it.So, you can elevate your outfit to the next level.Boots are a great investment piece that every fashionista should have in her closet, at least the basic color of black.That way, you can actually pair it with anything, whether it be a pair of skinny jeans, or even a really nice skirt that you have with your actual jacket.Something else that's really beneficial for my young fashionistas, is all about the accessories that you all love to wear.I have this fabulous bracelet that literally can take you to the next level.Very easy piece of jewelry for you to actually put on, so you don't have to wrestle with all of the little bubbles and hooks.It literally just snaps on and off, of your wrist, like so.And it's a beautiful piece, sterling silver and it's always a way to go.So, you can make sure that your items actually last a lot longer.So, this is a fabulous bracelet that any fashionista would love to have.Or, even a basic clutch of some sort is also handy to have in your closet.And for those fashionistas that's on the go, and say, you live up north and maybe sometimes, it rains a little.You're like, what can i put on, that still looks really cute and young, because i'm a young woman and i don't want to look you know, matronly.Well, very easy solution to that, if you don't do the motorcycle jacket, you can very easily take this wonderful idea.And this jacket is by jason wu, it is literally a rain coat and a trench coat, all in one.What make sit a really cool, trendy item, is the wonderful detail that's done all around the stitching.And i'm pretty sure, you all are like, wow, i love that pattern.And that's the whole point of the jacket.So, it's a really cool twist on a unique piece, that you probably have seen numerous times before, and that would be the trench coat.But notice, not only the length of the jacket, the color of the jacket, but also the wonderful detail that's on the jacket.So, for those wonderful, young fashionistas, that still want to be hip.Even when the weather's a little bit crazy, you can rock this fabulous jacket with a pair of really cool boots that can literally take you to the next level.Now, you maybe like, that's cute, but else do you have?We have this fabulous dress right here.My patterns are huge and they will continue to be huge into 2013.You have situations where people are not for sure, what colors to wear.A lot of people have a tendency to stay clear of purple, until recently.I've always been a purple fan, matter of fact, i have on purple, today, it's one of my favorite colors.And this wonderful dress is actually a fabulous idea, it's a sheath dress.All one piece, very easy to wash, wash it in cold water, dry it, lay it flat.Don't have to worry about ironing, because it literally comes out the dryer looking exactly like this.So, beautiful when you're going to church.And you can very simply take this dress and say, you want to wear something with some sleeves.Dress it up with a really cute, little jacket, very young and very trendy.So, it's a perfect, little outfit for a young lady to wear.So, still very cute and still has a really nice flare to it.So, you still have that wonderful, young look to it, but it still is something that you can wear to a church environment.So, this is a really cute dress, also notice the detail in the back of the dress, that the black, horizontal patterns actually travel through all around the dress.So, it's not just in the front.Another good thing about this dress that i want to make sure that i mentioned, is the fact that it's lined.And that's another huge thing that a lot of young fashionistas have to be mindful of.When you're shopping for your clothing, you want to make sure that a, it's good quality, and one of the easiest ways to find that out, is whether or not the item is actually lined.And in some case you may not necessarily want an actual cover up like this, that's and absolutely fine you don't have to wear one.And just the bare sheath dress all by itself, because it's a fabulous piece that'll look gorgeous on just about anyone.Another fabulous investment piece that young fashionistas should have, is the cardigan.Boyfriend cardigans or just regular cardigans are so easy to find, you can literally find them at all of your mass retailers.And you don't necessarily have to actually wear the cardigan.Sometimes it's something as simple as having the cardigan over your shoulders.That elevates your actual outfit to the next level.So, it takes the actual outfit from just a regular dress, to something that's a little bit more dressy.Or maybe, you're out with grandma or mom and all of a sudden, you get a little cold.So, you have something that you can actually put you know, over your shoulders, and you don't necessarily have to have it on all the time.So, cardigans are really beneficial and they're a really good investment piece.Another good thing about cardigans, is that you can wear them with jeans as well, and we all have an inundation of jeans in our closet.This last dress that i have over here for my young fashionistas, is actually a really cute fitted dress.What makes this dress so unique, is this wonderful collar that you all have probably noticed.However, they never were that huge with some particular age brackets.But you started to see a lot more young, trendier fashionistas wear these wonderful dresses.This one that i have right here, is 100 percent cotton, so that's a really good benefit.It's 100 percent washable, and with that cotton, you get a really good fit.I had it fitted a little bit in the back, because my mannequin is a little bit smaller than the actual dress itself.But if you notice the detail work around the back of the dress, you have that wonderful design that floats all over, round the neck.And you don't have to worry about wearing an actual necklace, it's like it comes with it automatically, so that's a big fit.I paired it with this really cute, stretchy, wide belt.You all know from previous ones that you have watched, i'm a huge fan of fitted belts.So, i had this really cute, brown fitted belt, that's actually attached to this skirt, that i decided to pair it with, it has a really good, smooth silhouette to it.This particular outfit can be worn to church, to grandma's house, dinner, even for graduation pictures, graduation itself, completely up to you.I have it paired with a fabulous michael kors clutch, i'm a huge clutch junkie, i love clutch purses, this is a fabulous one by him.And then, some fabulous brown shoes.Now, these are my go to standards, i always have a really nice, good pair of brown shoes, pumps as well as black.And these are a michael kors bags outlet pair of my favorites that i absolutely love, that look really hot with this actual dress, as you can see.And if you're not used to wearing heels, please, please, i beg you, stay away from them and actually stick with flats.Until you're comfortable and actually wearing heels, because no fashionista wants to take a tumble.So, make sure that you wear something that's comfortable to you and that actually elevates you and brings forth your personality.Thanks again for watching, i'm shay robinson, and i hope you enjoyed my tips.

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